Washington has so much to offer: If you want to see more than the standard sights that already fill the pages of thick guidebooks, you should definitely trust Christina. She knows which new neighborhoods are “up and coming”, where to find unique markets and which restaurants are absolutely fashionable. Life pulsates not only in Georgetown but in every corner of Washington DC. Highly recommended: The bike tour along the Memorials - Sight Seeing at it’s best !!!
— Anke, Essen/Germany
I had a great time visiting Washington thanks to the amazing insights Christina gave me when I was there. She was quick, thorough and always up to date. Without her infinitely valuable input my visit would have been very basic. She told me where to go, how to get there and what to look out for, directing me to the most interesting venues, expos and seminars. I never felt alone or out of ideas with her contact number by my side.
Over a cup of coffee, she told me about the ambiance and state of the city. I immediately knew what to expect and how to function as a ‘local’. I will go back very soon and I am sure this time will be even more exiting as I am sure she will have prepared another ‘most interesting, fascinating and magical list of ways to spend my time in DC. Forever grateful!
— Ianthe, Antwerp/ Belgium
On our trip to the US we had planned only 2 days for Washington, DC. Therefore, it was extremely important to us, to use this short time as efficient and good as possible. Big Thanks to Christina - she has managed to organize a really terrific tour that we on our own could have never put together. She told us White House insider stories known only by someone who lives in DC. We went to the Rooftop terrace at the W Hotel with stunning views and drinks. At the Capitol, we just got out of the car and took pictures (whereas the other tourists had to walk pretty far). In Georgetown Christina showed us the best places to shop. That probably was the highlight for our daughter. Without her we would have spend twice as much time in the Newseum learning only half of what we did with her by our side. She led us to the most interesting points of the museum explaining a lot about how the media works in the US. In between we learned about politics, the education system and American culture, which made this trip so unique. That we were also able to enjoy the hottest restaurants in Washington was the icing on the cake. I highly recommend her service!
— Regina, Wien/Austria
Had we known Washington had so much to offer, we would have taken more time to visit. As it was, our schedule only allowed us to stay for two days. But with Christinas’ help, those days were shaped into the most interesting of our USA trip. Knowing what we - and our children - wanted to see, Helene steered us to hidden gems we would never have been able to find on our own. From the restaurants to the museums, the natural falls and the jazz club, everything was perfect!
— Lieve, Brussels/Belgium
We are very grateful to Christina for the organization and guidance of our two nights stopover in Washington D.C. The elegant and charming boutique hotel in the middle of historical Georgetown was tastefully chosen - a free up grade and a welcome bottle of Champagne topped the friendly reception we could enjoy.
City tour and evening the day after were extremely entertaining. Thanks to Christina’s broad historical knowledge and wisdom we learned a lot about Washington and its role as the capital of the U.S. but as well we got an overview on the political situation in the States. She draws a lively picture of D.C.’s culture and describes a colorful portrayal of its society. At noon we took a rest in an elegant roof top restaurant - one of the trendy you should absolutely go to ! The day ended with a theatre performance followed by dinner in one of D.C.’s hot spots.
Christina made really the best out of our short stay in Washington D.C. It was great fun to spend the time with her as she is a energetic, well connected and extremely kind person with a good sense of humor - even in critical situations like the breakdown of our car, caused by a flat tyre on one of Washington’s busiest Avenues at noon! We can only recommend Christina as your friend to go with on a discovery tour in Washington D.C. and Maryland/Virginia.
— Clemens, Munich/Germany